War rages on Cybertron between the Decepticons and the rebellious Autobots. After escaping Cybertron and being shuttled to Earth, Bumblebee finds himself in a Californian junkyard in 1987. Being mindful of how the transformer films gradually descended into, well, let’s be honest here (robot dinosaurs), a wreck, I can’t say that I’ve have been particularly … Continue reading Bumblebee

Mortal Engines

After a cataclysmic event, cities and towns are forced to become mobile and roam the world searching for scrap. With London on a mission to dominate the Earth by devouring everything in its path, Hester (fueled by her mother's death) and Tom (cast out from London)  must find a way to stop its warpath with … Continue reading Mortal Engines

Deadpool 2

Our favourite mercenary misfit, Deadpool, decides to join forces with some other mutants to save a different mutant from another mutant. With the mighty Infinity War ending in universal culling (well, half culling), I'm sure we can agree that things would've turned out differently had Deadpool not been rejected from joining the Avengers. No matter, … Continue reading Deadpool 2