The Favourite

Set in 18th century England during the war with France, The Favourite follows a frail Queen Anne, who, with ill health and a strange temper tries to govern the country. Manipulated by a close friend, Lady Sarah who sees a chance at taking charge but sees her place and power challenged when servant, Abigail, comes along.

The Favourite is one of those films that screams that it’s ready for the award season, but just because it’s award-worthy, is it actually viewer worthy? For us, The Favourite was a somewhat enjoyable watch. The actors were, without a doubt, amazing but the storyline and production left us feeling somewhat left out. As we walked out of the cinema, we felt as if we must have missed something, or that we weren’t high brow enough to understand the full meaning of the story.

Following the life of Queen Anne (an odd story to begin with), you are thrown into the life of a rather frail, unwell and not quite mentally stable Queen who has let her duties slip away from her. Manipulated and/or loved by her close friend, Lady Sarah, Queen Anne is left almost completely out of the loop regarding the war. Spending most of her time in her quarters with severe leg pain and her rabbits. On the plus side, the rabbits were a nice metaphor that accommodated for the number of children Anne lost through the years.

In my opinion, this film had a lot that left me feeling uncertain as to what the point of the actual film was. It had no real point, no real reason for being. I didn’t feel it had enough of a story other than being a film for the sake of being a film.

As aforementioned, the acting is phenomenal and you cannot fault Olivia Coleman, Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Nicholas Hoult, but the film itself leaves you feeling unfulfilled. If you’re a lover of periodical drama and are up for a laugh, then The Favourite is a great Sunday afternoon film, if you’re not then you could give this one a skip!

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