War rages on Cybertron between the Decepticons and the rebellious Autobots. After escaping Cybertron and being shuttled to Earth, Bumblebee finds himself in a Californian junkyard in 1987.

Being mindful of how the transformer films gradually descended into, well, let’s be honest here (robot dinosaurs), a wreck, I can’t say that I’ve have been particularly looking forward to seeing Bumblebee.

What seems to be an already played out franchise with no decent ideas left, Transformers have played the prequel ‘get out of jail’ card and, thankfully, it’s paid off.

Bumblebee is a cute, cool and emotional ride, delivering the same great visual effects that shot transformers back into popularity in 2007, whilst bringing a greater focus on character backstories and delving deeper into the ‘origin’ of Bumblebee.

Set in the 80’s, Bumblebee is blessed with some fantastic music, questionable hairstyles, and of course the token ‘Breakfast Club’ reference. The acting throughout the film is strong, with Hailee Steinfeld leading us through the troubled life of 18 year old Charlie as she struggles to find her way through life following the loss of her father (I’m not going to lie, we may have cried a little).

Bumblebee brings a heartfelt yet entertaining twist back to the Transformer franchise. It’s really an enjoyable watch that leaves you walking out of the cinema content and in awe of just how cool Bumblebee really is (as if we didn’t know he’s the real MVP anyway!)

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