Mary Poppins Returns

Now an adult with children, Michael Banks’ house is now up for repossession unless he can pay back a loan. With only one chance of paying it in time, Michael and family are left scouring the house for their fathers shares certificate. As things look like they’re too dire, Mary Poppins arrives at their door to continue her job of looking after the Banks children (and the grandchildren!).

Mary Poppins Returns is a surprisingly whimsical sequel that wins over the audience by not trying to be something it isn’t… by not trying too hard to be what the original Mary Poppins is. It’s a film that reminds you just how magical the cinema and films can be.

Emily Blunt does a fantastic job of taking over the role. She’s a vibrant, enthusiastic and whirlwind of a Mary Poppins – she keeps the key things that make Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins but she adds her own flair to it.

Partnered with Lin-Manuel Miranda, they succeed in enhancing and keeping the flame lit on a true Disney original. The only downside to this film is that the songs aren’t as rememberable or as impactful as the first films. As I’m writing this, I can easily recall at least two songs from the original film, but I’m struggling to recall the lyrics of any from this film. I can, however, recall all of the fancy art and dance that takes place throughout – the bicycle light scene, the singing on the stage scene and the adventure around the bowl.

Mary Poppins Returns is the fun, family film that you want at this time of year. It’s transformative, it’s light-hearted, it’s interesting, dramatic and overflowing with magic. It’s the spoonful of sugar to take the cold away this winter.

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