When woodworker Geppetto wishes upon a falling star, his puppet becomes a real boy. Being young and naive, Pinocchio falls into a trap and is whisked away to the sinful Pleasure Island.

And we’re off! Number two of our Disney Classic series is Pinocchio – a little puppet who becomes a real boy. Considering that this film is 78 years old (nearly 79!), it is still an incredible watch in regards to the art style and animation. The hours spent making this style of film is outstanding and must have been painstaking with the level of detail involved!

Pinocchio is a little boy for less than 5 minutes before he makes some very severe life mistakes. For one, would you really want to trust a hobo, freeloading cricket to be your conscience? He’d broken into Geppetto’s house then complained about the noise and utilised their fire without even asking. But when there’s a house filled with cuckoo clocks and every hour on the hour they play an orchestra, I think it’s somewhat fair to complain about the noise even if you did break in.

Secondly, if some creepy fox man comes up to you promising you the dreams you’ve had for 5 minutes – don’t believe him! Especially don’t go anywhere with him! But as previously mentioned, Pinocchio is technically like an hour old, how is he supposed to know any better?

Having not watched Pinocchio since I was a kid (a good 15-20 years ago now), I didn’t realise how dark this film gets! We’re not sure though, if we think it’s darker now because of how society has changed since then or if it was just a dark film anyway!

The way that ‘Honest’ John describes Pleasure Island… some VERY HEAVY connotations. We both sat their with our mouths wide open until they walked into the theme park and we remembered they get turned into donkeys! We also had to laugh at the kids all smoking cigars, god forbid you show anything like that nowadays, let alone in a children’s animation! But really, that’s part of the charm of the original Disney films.

Pinocchio’s story may have its flaws but it’s an enjoyable and exciting, whimsical journey that taught us that lying makes your nose grow and that if you believe enough, you can be or do anything! Plus, that crickets, even if they are as funny and cool as Jiminy, don’t make good consciences!

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