Mortal Engines

After a cataclysmic event, cities and towns are forced to become mobile and roam the world searching for scrap. With London on a mission to dominate the Earth by devouring everything in its path, Hester (fueled by her mother’s death) and Tom (cast out from London)  must find a way to stop its warpath with the help of outlaw, Anna Fang. 

Mortal Engines is one of those films, for me, that had such strong promise but didn’t necessarily follow through. After being infatuated with the trailers, I decided to read the books – this is where my mistakes lie!

Whilst visually it is an outstanding film, the story lacked that a certain level of excitement and intrigue that the books left me with. I know that all book to film adaptions are never perfect but things like Perks of Being a Wallflower, A Simple Favour and A Wrinkle In Time (for example) are different but close enough to the original that they do the book and the film justice.

Mortal Engines (film) left out a key storyline, character and changed the moral alignment of characters and more. BUT, you’re not here to hear about that are you? 

Mortal Engines is a visually spectacular film that is dynamic, unique and interesting. There isn’t a single moment that doesn’t keep you invested and the whole premise of moving cities is one that leaves you enthralled from the get-go. Filled with the right level of angsty teens, whimsical creations and a really bloody creepy human soul x android x bounty hunter(?). Whilst it’s not the best film we’ve seen over the last few weeks and maybe not the next Hunger Games, it is definitely a great easy-watch with the family! Or for date-night!

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