Antman & The Wasp

Scott Lang is left with a two-year house arrest after choosing to help Cap in Civil War. Facing the consequences with his daughter and with Hank/Hope, Scott is trying to live a normal life. But a bizarre dream brings Scott and the Ant-Man suit back together where he can fight alongside the Wasp against their toughest foe yet.

bitmoji-20180318082531Following the destruction caused by Thanos in Infinity War I, we were really curious to see how Antman and the Wasp was going to play out. Obviously, they were going to make some reference to the click within the film but it was a matter of how it was going to affect them and even who it was going to affect.

I’m pleased to say that the film doesn’t even remotely revolve around the events of Infinity War, yes there is a mention of the click if you wait until after the credits, but overall the film is a delightful and intoxicating story that has laughs on almost every corner.

One thing that I really enjoy about the Antman films in comparison to Captain America, (original) Thor and Iron Man is that the story line is never that intense or dramatic. They’re a lighthearted set of films that give a superhero a much more human side – it’s not always about saving the world after all!

Scotty’s relationship with his daughter is so pleasant to see throughout the film and her approval of Hope’s inclusion in their family is really very sweet. Plus, seeing what the ex-cons are now up to is a hilarious plot development that continues to provide comedic relief throughout the film.

Ghost is an excellent anti-hero in this film. I don’t want to call her the villain because she’s not in this film. If your body was being ripped apart by the quantum realm, I’m sure that you’d have some issues too! When it comes to life or death, you’re going to do some unreasonable things I’m sure. I look forward to seeing her in future films, unlike other Marvel ‘villains’ I hope that she reappears again at some point.

Although not necessarily Marvel’s strongest film of late, it was an extremely enjoyable and enticing film with an interesting and dynamic plot that made sitting in the cinema for two hours really worth it.

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