The most loved superhero family is back and a new villain has a diabolical plan to get rid of superheroes for good and the family are forced to work as a team with Frozone to help save the future of superheroes and the world!

bitmoji-20180318082531The most anticipated sequel of this millennium! It’s been 14 years since Pixar first brought us the Parr family and many of us have been dying for a sequel every since. This weekend, we were finally given it, and my god was it worth the 14 year wait!

I’ve always been a strong lover of Pixar but recently some of their films just haven’t been up to the usual standard (Inside Out / Good Dinosaur) but my love was brought back after watching Coco. It’s safe to say however, that any doubts I may have had about the future of Pixar has been eradicated with the Incredibles 2.

The story begins at the end of the first film, with ‘THE UNDERMINER’ (can’t say that name without semi-shouting it, sorry!). The super-family instantly take action, and by super family I mean Mr. Incredible and Elasti-girl as Dash and Violet are left to babysit Jack-Jack. Being super-kids doesn’t mean that you listen to your parents and the children head off to help out, switching who is looking after Jack-Jack.

The Underminer is the most well prepared super villain that I have ever seen in a movie – he has thought everything out; doesn’t give his plan away AND he has multiple escape pods/routes. The moleman is a genius. The family are left with no captured villain, a partially destroyed city and a huge drilling machine that almost crushed city hall. With superheroes still being considered illegal, they’re taken to the police station and put into custody for the night.

DevTech’s CEO, Winston Deavor, recruits Bob, Helen and Lucius in a publicity stunt to make superheroes legal again. Much to Bob’s disappointment, Helen (Elasti-girl) is chosen to be the representative for the stunt due to her previous success rates, thus leaving Bob at home with the kids.

And for me, this is where the Incredibles really stands out. Whilst Helen is out fighting crime and doing an extremely good job, Bob is left doing menial tasks such as homework, changing diapers and dealing with boy issues. The problems he has to deal with are hilarious and Jack-Jack is a real comedy act throughout the film.

One of Jack-Jack’s best scenes is when his powers come into play a bit more and we’re given a sneak peak at what he’s actually capable of. With Bob having fallen asleep watching tele with Jack-Jack, JJ notices a raccoon rummaging through their trash just outside the conservatory door. Being a protective little baby, he heads to the door and starts rambling in baby. The raccoon growls back and Jack-Jack is now antagonized enough to phase himself through the conservatory door. There is nothing funnier than a baby on fire, laughing demonically and a raccoon stood scared shitless at the other end of the path.

Skipping forward, Helen has been leaping strides at improving the view of superheroes but she’s reached a bit of a brick wall as super villain, ScreenSlaver, keeps getting in the way. The fight scene between these two is really well done and the villain’s ability to hypnotise isn’t lost in the combat. Trapped in a room playing a hypnotising video and being jabbed with an electrocution rod, Helen is forced to fight with her eyes closed and with limbs that won’t keep their shape. It’s dynamic, exciting and gives the film that extra oomf of wow.

As DevTech are trying to improve the view of superheroes, we are introduced to some new characters who have finally come out of hiding thanks to Helen’s activities. These new superheroes are both fascinating, realistic and just plain weird. Their personalities and abilities are almost synonymous and it creates a collection of enjoyable characters. For once, these extra characters don’t just feel like they’ve been added for the sake of it – they are incorporated so well and you feel like they’ve been there the whole time.

Of course, another great moment is when Bob visits Edna with Jack-Jack. Who knew that Edna would take to babies so well? Maybe it has something to do with his ability to replicate facial features and voices? Or even that his multitude of powers (currently on 17) is a challenge for a superhero fashion designer? Who knows!

But what really made this film for me, was that they made it about the family as a whole again. They all continued that search for working together as a cohesive unit (including Jack-Jack!) and about what their powers can do for them. They take care of one another even if they drive each other around the bend – especially in the case of Dash and Violet. At one point, they’re left to their own devices to save the family and they make mistakes – Dash loses Jack-Jack and Violet gets caught by the bad guys knocking a vase over, but together they find a way to keep moving forward. I also love the way that they tie Lucius into the family fold, he is called their uncle throughout and is just as much of a key player in this family and film as any of the Parr family.

There are so many hilarious parts to this film that realistically, my review doesn’t do it justice. It is by far, the best Pixar film that Disney have produced in a long time and I have to say it’s even the best sequel (yes, maybe even better than Toy Story 2/3 and Monsters University), because it just works so well in so many aspects. It gives you all the answers to the questions you had at the end of the first film, and then keeps you asking for more.

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