Tami and Richard’s whirlwind romance couldn’t anticipate the catastrophe that they were sailing into. Strength, determination and survival instincts are the only things that can keep them going as they drift across the ocean.


As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, I’m forever an optimist for films and people. I love the idea of adventure, and taking a chance on something in order for something great to happen and as predicted this is that film.

Adrift follows Tami, a girl who has gone travelling and isn’t ready to head back home just yet. She’s been helping on boats, or anywhere she can find to fund the next trip – essentially she’s what most 20 something graduate aspires to be. Richard is a suave, easy going bloke who happens to own his own ship and aspires to travel around the world on it.

Their romance is sweet and watching them fall in love is really heart warming. It’s fast, but it feels real. It’s in a real part of the world, in a real-life situation with a push from fate – and to top it off, it’s all based on a true story.

Richard has obviously made a name for himself in the area and is asked by an older couple if they can take their boat back home for them as they’re having to fly off to London urgently. With a 4000 mile journey, the couple gather supplies and then they set off.

As the couple try to avoid the storm, they end up smack bang in the middle of it. The boat is torn to shreds, Tami and Richard are thrown about and severely hurt and only Tami is left on the boat. She searches for Richard in what is an extremely heartbreaking scene. She is now living in my literal nightmare. Can you imagine being lost at sea? In a broken boat? Without the expert at boating? Your food is severely reduced?

Shailene Woodley is an incredible actress, she’s come a long way from The Secret Life of an American Teenager. I could feel her desperation and anguish when she realises what she’s got to do. And then, her excitement, a new desperation and relief when she finds Richard floating on a broken piece of the boat. I know right, what are the odds?!

Somehow, keeping one another company manages to keep them going until they eventually reach land. Before this though, all hope and potential happiness you may have for them is torn away from you. *SPOILERS* Tami has been alone this entire time. Being so severely dehydrated, sunstroked and starving had left her hallucinating and her brain, in an attempt to keep her going, had made her believe that she had found Richard. You do get a glimpse of this at the beginning, as when they crash you can see something bright yellow (the lifejacket) sinking down underneath the wreckage.

Not only are you relieved for Tami having finally made it to land and her ordeal is over, but you’re left heartbroken knowing that her whirlwind romance is over and Richard is no longer able to do all the adventures he wanted to. The film is an excellent rendition of a true story and one that not only inspires but reminds you that you need to live your life because things can happen anytime, anywhere.

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