The ultimate game of TAG, one spanning multiple decades, reaches its final year, making this the last opportunity to TAG ‘he who cannot be tagged’. Can Randy, Callahan, Hoagie and Sable put an end to the Jerry’s flawless streak?

Photo from Sophie SprowellTAG! caught me by somewhat of a surprise: I think I must’ve seen it advertised once before actually going to see it so I didn’t have much of an impression before-hand.

With a fairly solid cast; Jeremy Renner, Jon Hamm and Ed Helms to name a few, there was bound to be something about this film. Based somewhat on a true story, TAG follows a group of life-long friends during their yearly game month. The game? You’ve guessed it; TAG. Only this game has been going on for decades, the group have literally grown up playing the game every year, even finding time around their jobs and families to compete.

Despite the ridiculousness of how long the game has been played, there is one player whom has never been ‘it’, and this is the main focus of the film’s story. For reasons we aren’t told until the end, in a rather unexpected and shocking twist, the group decide that this is the final year of the game and therefore the perfect time to tag the ‘un-tag-able.

I found TAG to be a solid example of lighthearted humour with many moments causing me to laugh out loud, but, maybe more importantly, TAG is a great example of people being people, that despite all the things that force friends apart (work, family, commitments) the group still dedicates time out of all of their lives to just have fun and ‘be children’ again. All being said, TAG is a nice easy watch with some great humour and fantastic casting, definitely worth a watch at least once.

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