Following a devastating bombing in Texas, a retaliation plot by the US government targets the Mexican cartel in an attempt to provoke war, but things don’t go according to plan causing tensions to rise between FBI agent Matt Graver and his partner Alejandro Gilick.

Photo from Sophie SprowellAs seems to be tradition recently, you’d be shocked to know that I haven’t seen the first Sicario film, so please bear that in mind when reading my thoughts.

Sicario 2 hits off to a strong start, with grim and graphic scenes of a suicide bombing in a US supermarket which leaves many innocent people dead, including a small child whose sole, somewhat unnecessary, inclusion was to add a stronger impact to the attack. A little bit of illegal torture and drone strikes later, FBI agent Matt Graver (Josh Brolin) discovers that one of the suicide bombers was smuggled across the Mexican border by Mexican drug cartels, prompting the US Government to take action. From what I could gather, a plot is devised to goad two Mexican Cartel families into an all-out war of self-destruction through targeted murder and kidnapping and to do so Matt calls in Alejandro Gilick (Benicio del Toro).

Without revealing too much more of the plot, it’s safe to say that, very much like the film itself, their plan falls apart quite quickly. Whether or not I needed to see the first Sicario to really understand/appreciate what happened in 2, it still felt clunky and confusing; as if the writers couldn’t really find a way to further the plot and so abandoned it. At times, far too much time was spent on insignificant plot points that really didn’t lead anywhere, whereas far more important parts were kicked to the curbside.

For me, I was left with more ‘but what about…?’ questions than I felt I should’ve done, however, the film was not without it’s tense and cool moments: there are some pretty awesome gunfights/shootouts at moments, with what felt like well-rehearsed military tactics, all in all, pretty cool. A downside to all the action; Sicario 2 felt at times like an advert for all might and arsenal of the US Military, with a vast array of guns, armoured humvee’s (equipped with mounted turrets), air/drone strikes and various helicopters, my guess is that they must’ve forgotten to include a tank.

Not the worst action film I’ve seen in recent times, but the plot certainly leaves room for improvement.

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