Diane, Vivian, Sharon and Carol have been friends for years and even though they’ve taken different paths in life, they always meet once a month for their book club. This months book just got a little bit scandalous…


The Book Club was a delightful film that did exactly what it said it would on the tin – it made you laugh. It was a heartwarming comedy that showcased 4 ‘elderly’ women (who all look fab for their age by the way!) reading 50 shades of grey. Before the film even begins, the plotline is enough to warrant a rye smile.

Now, I must admit that I’m not writing this review straight after the film like we usually do, so it’s going to be a much shorter review than usual.

Whilst the Book Club is an enjoyable film, it is one that you could live without seeing. It’s charming and I really enjoyed watching it, but I can’t say that I will be racing to the shops to purchase it on DVD.

One thing that I did find really nice to see, was that no matter how old you are, no matter how strong your relationship may be, there’s always things that can cause hiccups. Now that might sound pessimistic or weird for me to say it was nice to see, but there are so many films that are released now-a-days where boys and girls trip over themselves for their perfect partner, and it’s nice to see the behind the scenes sometimes! But the negative with this, it’s a shame that love doesn’t get any easier with age!

While this film was an easy, warming film to watch, there was one scene that I felt was a bit on the edge considering all the discussion around rape at the moment. There’s a scene where one of the woman’s sex-life has come to a full stop and she can’t seem to get her husband in the mood. She’s tried talking to him etc but he just keeps being busy or being tired etc, so before they head out on a date, she spikes his drink with Viagra in an attempt to get him in the mood. Although, I don’t agree with this, they handled his reaction really well. Instead of being like ‘oh i’m in the mood, let’s go home,’ the husband loses his mind and they fall out over it. This is how it should be! If the role was reversed the audience would have lost their mind at the man attempting to drug his wife to get her in the mood.

As I’ve mentioned before, this film is an enjoyable weekend watch, but I can’t say that it’s something to shout about!



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