See how Solo became the infamous smuggler we all know and love. Young Han Solo is thrown into a wild adventure when he joins a gang of galactic smugglers alongside 196 year old Wookie, Chewbacca. The crew are in need of a fast ship, the Millennium Falcon, in order to steal a batch of coaxium to pay back the debtors, but the only way to get it is to win a game of Sabacc.

bitmoji-20180318082531I was very skeptical about Solo because everyone seemed to be so against it and the original trailer that I had seen was really naff. I know I probably shouldn’t listen to others until I’ve seen it but when it seems to be the whole world, it’s hard not to tune in! BUT I am so glad that I didn’t listen and we went to see it anyway.

Solo was actually a very enjoyable film and to be honest, I think it does add something to the Star Wars series. It’s a really interesting story that leaves you wanting more! It’s gripping and getting to know more about Han and Chewie is incredible. I mean who doesn’t want to know how the power duo became so close?

The introduction of Qi’ra gives you a great insight into Han’s previous life and perhaps why he is, who he is. Not only that, but Qi’ra is an excellent character through and through. She’s a complete mystery and undoubtedly a badass. Plus her plot twist is by far the most insane! Needless to say, Emilia Clarke has absolutely dominated yet another franchise!

On the note of dominating… Let’s talk about Donald Glover’s LANDO Calrissian. I’m sure that there’s nothing that Donald Glover can’t do. LANDO is just as interesting, eccentric and suave as he was back in the day but this time he’s got a trusty sidekick, L3. L3-37 is by far the funniest droid of any Star Wars film, her desire to free robots and fight for the rights of robots being sentient is incredible. Her sass when she speaks to humans and how that drives her character throughout is an absolute pleasure to watch, it’s funny and somewhat heartwarming.

The introduction of the new characters, ie L3-37, Qi’ra and Beckett is seamless and their story lines work and tie into several plots that take place later on in the original Star Wars. They’re enjoyable and unlike Rogue One, they don’t all need to die at the end! (Thank goodness!).

Although many will argue that it doesn’t fit with the other trilogies, but it’s not supposed to. As a stand alone film, Solo is very good. It doesn’t need to fit in with the other films because it doesn’t need to fit with the originals and the new series, it’s about Han and Chewie and that is how you should take it when you watch this film.

TLDR; Although it may not be Rogue One level of good, Solo is a great stand alone Star Wars film. If you’re skeptical, go and see it, you will undoubtedly enjoy it.


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