Our favourite mercenary misfit, Deadpool, decides to join forces with some other mutants to save a different mutant from another mutant.

Photo from Sophie SprowellWith the mighty Infinity War ending in universal culling (well, half culling), I’m sure we can agree that things would’ve turned out differently had Deadpool not been rejected from joining the Avengers. No matter, we may not have seen him kicking names and taking ass on the ruined moon Titan or the lush plains of Wakanda, but we do see him land crotch first on the face of Cable so there’s that.

For the most part, Deadpool 2 is just as you’d expect it to be: tons of dismemberment, many a gross, yet hilarious quip and of course, the famous forth-wall breaks. In that sense Deadpool 2 is not too far different from its predecessor, only it’s does things much better: I honestly don’t think I have ever laughed so hard at so many different points during one film, every other scene threw the whole room into a howl of laughter.

The film starts with our favourite merc with the mouth, laying on top of some flammable barrels as his apartment fills with gas, claiming that Logan has one-upped him by dying and so now he must to in this long-term pissing contest. Moments later, tossing his cigarette into one of the barrels, he blows everything (including himself) up, and as his flailing body parts fly towards us (middle finger include) I’m reminded of just how much I missed this hilarious git. Of course, that’s just the beginning, the next 2 hours are packed full of fantastic comedy, with my particular favourite being the X-Force!

*SPOILERS* After how much the X-Force were hyped, I really did not expect to see 90% of them have 5-10 minutes screen time tops? Not sure why we were surprised, it is Deadpool after all! And it wouldn’t have been a great film if something completely unexpected didn’t happen! As the X-Force make their debut we are treated to watching Shatterstar get caught up in helicopter blades; Zeitgeist get caught up in a wood chipper; Peter get acid attacked by Zeitgeist; The Vanisher (surprise appearance by Brad Pitt!) gets zapped by electrical cables and Bedlam is hit by a truck (if memory serves me correct). So 10 minutes after we’re introduced to X-Force, we’re left with two standing members, Pool and Domino.

Honestly, there are more brilliant and random character inclusions in this that I won’t further spoil but they’ve made it the best kind of reunion – no one takes away from Deadpool or his story but there’s enough in there to make you laugh or go OMG.

I think the best thing about Deadpool 2 is that everything you thought about the story from the trailers is almost completely wrong, but it really bloody works! The way that the characters develop throughout the film is amazing, and our original thoughts on characters are completely different by the end of it.

In typical Deadpool fashion, this film isn’t just a comedic action anti-hero story (even though Deadpool is definitely verging on being more heroic than anti-heroic), it is also a romance/tragedy. There were at least two points in this film where I teared up a little and really felt for our scrotum faced friend, but thankfully, you’re never left in that state before someone farts or makes a crude joke bringing you right back to the red frame of mind.

As far as sequels go, this is most definitely a great one. I haven’t laughed as much or even enjoyed a sequel as much as this in a long time, it might even be a better sequel than Toy Story 3 was..!

TLDR; If you’re in the mood for a crude, edgy and slightly mutilating watch then this is the film for you. Even if you’re not in the mood for the above, chances are this is still the film for you. Comedy, dark humour, romance, tragedy, action, fantasy, blood, angst, un-proportional body parts, sparkle, pizazz and a chubby New Zealander – what more could you want?


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