Life of the Party

Deanna’s life is turned upside down when her husband suddenly announces that he’s leaving her. Having regretted not finishing college, Deanna decides to refresh her life by finishing her degree at her daughter’s college. Embracing the college experience, 40 something Deanna is caught up in all sorts of crazy throughout her journey of self-discovery.bitmoji-20180318082531 From a humour point of view, I don’t think that there is anyone that I enjoy more than Melissa McCarthy. I don’t know what it is but all of her films tickle me and this film is no exception!

Fully embracing the middle-aged housewife American mum vibe, McCarthy’s character Deanna, is thrown straight into the shitstorm as her husband admits he’s leaving her for another woman. Doing as any other woman would, she seeks consolation with her parents and her best friend. In traditional fashion, her father whips out the trusty gun and almost accidentally shooting the family dog – but it’s not his fault! It’s the ex-husbands, right? Her best friend endeavours to console her by making her drink and play squash and this is essentially the summary of all girl’s best friends. Drinking, swearing, anger and bigging one another up are all essentials – hitting the other in the vagina with a squash ball is optional!

The ‘Va-Google’ scene (partially seen in the trailer) had me in tears – how awkward to walk of shame out of a guy’s room (who is more than half your age), only to turn around and see your daughter?  But then to walk across campus bragging about it? Mother x Daughter relationship taken to the extreme I think! Short of sharing a guy, I don’t think it could get any cringier! Genuinely, a turning point in the film. Also, I think Va-Google is going to become a part of my day to day speech now!

As the story develops, Deanna makes friends with her daughter’s sorority sisters and they get drunk, have a laugh, the usual. In short, you spend a lot of this film cringing, trying to stop your stomach from hurting after laughing so much or trying to decide whether Deanna and her daughter’s relationship is just awkward or is actually quite inspiring!

I don’t want to give too much away as for once not all of the funny parts are in the trailer! But, there was so much to laugh about in this film. It’s not just funny actors, it’s also filled to the brim with funny scenarios, funny comments and even funnier characters. Another great thing about this film is that it keeps you guessing, it’s not predictable and there are enough quirks to keep you wanting more.

TLDR; Although this film isn’t going to change the face of comedy, it’s a hilarious, heartwarming and easy-watching flick that is ideal for the weekend or in the evening after work!

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