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Avengers: Infinity War (Spoilers!)

The Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Black Panther, Doctor Strange and Co. are all set to unite for their most intense battle yet. Thanos is on a mission to collect the six Infinity Stones in order to destroy half the universe. Will they be enough to save the fate of the planet? It all comes down to this.

bitmoji-20180318082531So where do I even begin? I mean just to make sure, I’m going to say that this will have *SPOILERS* in it, so if you don’t want to know please leave now!

The story starts off at the end of Thor: Ragnarok, where the Asgardians came face to face with Thanos’ mega-ship. Needless to say, it doesn’t end well and within the first 10 minutes of the film, two of Asgardian’s finest (depends how you perceive Loki) are dead. I must admit, although shocked, I feel that Loki has ‘died’ so many times before that his death didn’t bother me too much – especially knowing that there’s a good chance of his resurrection in Part 2. However, Thor now having lost his mum, dad, brother, home planet and all his people, is pretty peeved but even the god of thunder can’t withstand the strength of the Power Gem as it obliterates the ship. But my real drama with this is;what happened to Valkyrie? Or Korg?

The Hulk, having bifrosted to Earth as a part of Heimdall’s last heroic move, lands straight into Doctor Strange’s lap. Obviously, one cannot save the universe without the help of Iron Man and beautifully, the science bros are back together! But as in all of these type of films, things cannot be beautiful for too long and lo and behold, Thanos’ Black Order have made their way to Earth in search of Strange’s Time Stone. Ebony Maw and Black Dwarf begin their ritual of terror as Banner struggles with summoning Hulk. This was perfect. I like that for once, the superhero’s couldn’t instantly do the best thing and that they showed conflict between the two of them. Their dynamic is interesting normally, let alone when the Hulk won’t talk to Banner!

Beloved good guy Parker soon pops his head out and in an effort to save Strange, he finds himself teleported up into space. Stark being Stark rockets Spiderman’s previously unclaimed supersuit to save him. Typically, with a nanobot suit that appears to be almost invincible, Stark can’t not save the day thus leaving Banner and Wong on Earth.

Gotta say, the Scarlet Witch and Vision have never been my favourite but this film has made me appreciate how incredible the Scarlet Witch can be but Vision still sucks in my opinion. On a secret getaway in Edinburgh, they are put face-to-face with Thanos’ other lackies, Corvus and Proxima. As things are looking pretty rough in the train station, Proxima spots a figure on the opposite platform. BOOM. ENTER STEVE ROGERS. Freedom never looked so good. Sorry, moving on. The rebel crew arrive and my only question is, how does the Black Widow not have her own movie yet?

Enter, Guardians of the Galaxy! Our favourite space crew are doing what they do best, trying to be good but really verging on the edge of chaos. They arrive at the Asgardian wreckage where Thor splats onto their windscreen. As is standard, Thor’s god-like physique is admired by all (exc. Starlord), especially by Drax. Inevitably, Quill’s jealousy takes over as he tries to assert his dominance. Thor does not care for such things and merely wants to head to Nidavellir (try saying that after a few drinks!) so he can obtain a new hammer. Thinking of the damage he could do (money he could get) with a titan-destroying weapon, Rocket agrees to accompany Thor alongside Groot.

Now, let’s talk Gamora and Thanos. We have been made very clear that Gamora hates him and how he was awful and killed her family etc. But what we’re not told, is that he actually cares for her and his other children. That there is actually a soft side. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but that he is capable of good and kindness. What I don’t understand, is that Gamora seemingly hates him more than keeping the Soul Stone position a secret? Why put yourself in a position of weakness when there’s so much as stake? But she cannot fault Quill, who broke his heart and pulled the trigger to take her out. Thankfully, there were bubbles instead of bullets! Plus our heartbreak over Gamora hasn’t even begun!

Having been kidnapped, Gamora is forced to tell Thanos the location of the Soul Stone in order to save Nebula’s life (siblings seem to be good blackmail material). Fast forward to them arriving at the top of the mountain and who are we greeted by? The Red Skull! Who on Earth saw that coming?! Flashback to 7 years ago as we watched him die in Cap’s first feature film. I’m not really sure how he got there, if someone can explain, I’d be grateful. Here he explains that in order to get the stone, Thanos must sacrifice someone he loves in exchange – one soul for another. Gamora laughes, thinking that the fight is over, Thanos has never loved anyone right? WRONG GAMORA. She should have ran. We watch as Thanos struggles with his emotions but eventually he throws her over the edge with minimal effort. Yes, hearts were broken today my friends.

WAKANDA FOREVER. The sound of triumph and power as we are taken to Wakanda where the vast majority of our heroes are preparing for war and trying to remove the Mind Stone without killing Vision. As the bad guys come flooding in (literally) we see the true extent of Black Panther’s shock absorbing suit; how Cap can utilise any shield; that Banner is pretty good with the Hulk Buster; that the Winter Soldier hasn’t lost his edge; but my favourite part of this fight is the dynamic between Black Widow and Okoye. The best bit lies when they fight Proxima to save the Scarlett Witch. What an unstoppable duo! Goes to show that you don’t need superpowers to be a hero! You just need to have access to crazy weapons, be a trained assassin/warrior and have incredible strength as a person.

TITAN. Skipping over to Titan where half the Guardians, Iron Man, Spiderman and Doctor Strange are located. Whilst on Earth they’re fighting generic alien minions, on Titan our heroes are face to face with Thanos. Iron Man’s suit shows its true capabilities as Drax and Starlord distract and hinder Thanos’ approach. Spiderman is thrown through Strange’s portals allowing him to kick, punch and web Thanos in an array of strategic blows before Mantis is dropped on Thanos’ shoulders. Putting him asleep the team are seconds away from taking the glove off when Starlord learns of Gamora’s death. In typical Starlord fashion, he’s fucked everything up and the team are almost obliterated. As the nanobot suit Tony is wearing gets worse for wear, he is stabbed in the chest. In an effort to save him Strange gives up the Time Stone. NOW, previously he’d said that if he had to pick between Stark, Parker and the stone, he wouldn’t hesitate to watch them die. So why give it up? After having seeing millions of timelines, Stark must be integral to the one timeline where the good guys win. So don’t be mad at Strange! He wouldn’t have done it if it meant jeopordising that one opportunity.

WAKANDA. The final showdown. Thor makes a comeback, having unlocked his true potential and kind of having Mjolnir back he’s now a God on the battlefield. But is it enough? Corvus and Black Dwarf have found Vision and the Hulk Buster is pissed. Still not able to summon the Hulk, Banner is forced to improvise but in doing so, he takes out Black Dwarf. Hearing that Vision still needs help, Cap is a force to be reckoned with until he isnt… After being pierced by their own blade, Corvus is killed by Vision. All that’s left is how to overcome Thanos’ arrival. The Avengers make their way to Cap’s location and Scarlett Witch is left to destroy the stone and subsequently, Vision. How she didn’t expect Thanos to use the Time Stone, I don’t know but watching him brutally crush Vision’s head is enough to make anyone sick! In a last ditch effort, Thor manages to embed Stormbreaker into Thanos’ chest but it’s too late.

This is where the sadness begins. Can we all just take a second to mourn Spiderman? The teenager, who’s only just been appointed an Avenger, finds Stark and says that he doesn’t want to die and to help him. This is the only part of the film that got me. Stark didn’t want this life for Parker – my hearts breaking while writing this.

But what I find EXTREMELY coincidental is that everyone that survived (exc. Rocket, Nebula and War Machine) is an original Avenger. The original 5 (exc. HawkEye) are all left standing. I highly doubt that it’s just a coincidence but I wonder what that means for part 2? Cap’s contract is definitely up after next film and I know that many others are too, so why not kill them off now? In my case it would be more believable as I was expecting people like Cap to die. But to kill off Black Panther and Spiderman? I feel as though you can’t be upset about them dying as it’s obvious that they’ll be back, their stories have only just begun in the MCU! 

The hype is real with that final phone call from Nick Fury in the after credits scene. It is worth staying for! Overall, this film is incredible from start to finish. It manages to tie in so many storylines without causing confusion and chaos. Each superhero gets to be their own hero and we are left wanting more, we want the next film. It’s safe to say that they have done the universe well and have not disappointed the fans.

TLDR; This film is a spectacular piece of work and one to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of whether you’ve been following it for the last 10 years or whether you’re just curious about it. You’ll feel empowered, heartbroken and infuriated (especially when you feel bad for the bad guy…) but most of all, you’ll really f***ing enjoy it.

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