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Love, Simon

What would you do if your biggest secret was broadcast across the entire school? 17 year old Simon, hasn’t told anyone that he’s gay, but his life changes when an anonymous classmate reveals his secret. Not only does he have to deal with this, but he’s also trying to find out who anonymous love interest ‘Blue’ is.

bitmoji-20180318082531I’d seen a lot of Love, Simon on social media. There had been people raving about the soundtrack, people crying over the film and most importantly, people saying how incredible and impactful the film is.

So truthfully, that pull and buzz from other people was what really made me want to see this film. And I’ll admit that the trailer did make me chuckle when they show off straight people coming out and the mum says ‘oh sweet jesus.’ Gets me every time. But that whole bit brings up a very good point, why do homosexuals have to come out and straight people don’t? In this day and age, who cares whether your child brings home a boy or a girl? As long as they love one another, isn’t that enough?

Simon is your average teenager, he’s got a decent family, a good set of friends and a bog-standard school life until ‘Blue’ the anonymous blogger posts on the schools gossip site announcing that he’s gay. Intrigued and wanting to meet someone he can relate to, Simon replies using the code name: Jacques.

It’s all rather innocent until Simon accidentally leaves himself logged on on a communal school computer. Theatre fanatic and all around cringefest Martin uses the computer after him, subsequently finding the emails. Martin uses this info to blackmail Simon into helping him get a date with friend Abby.


Inevitably, things go wrong and to get back at Simon, Martin posts the emails on the school’s gossip blog – changing Jacques to Simon.

Now, if that is not the definition of bullying (on top of the blackmail) then I don’t know what is. Rightfully so Simon is absolutely fuming. He’s had his right to share that information taken from him. His right to open up to people.

The only caveat to this, is that his parent’s handle it beautifully. Both parents individually speak to him about it and both times I cried. That is how it should be – someone being gay should not change your perception of someone, it doesn’t make them any less of a person and this film handles this phenomenally.

This whole film is handled exceptionally well to be fair, although the majority of people widely accept LGBTQ now-a-days, there are still many that turn a blind eye. The story behind this film is enjoyable, heartwarming and funny and the cinematography is really good. It’s perhaps got a little too much cringe in the way of Martin, but that is what being in high school is all about! Nothing is straight forward, it’s a very down to earth film. I recommend this film because it’s important, loving and just enjoyable! It’s a very easy watch film.

TLDR; Whilst teen drama isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, you should still see this film; it’s important, loving and just enjoyable! It’s a very easy watch film.

Photo from Sophie SprowellAnother ‘teen/young adult fiction’ book comes to the big screen, and this time it’s an important one. Now before all you Maze Runner and Hunger Games fans burn me at the stake let me explain. Love Simon sets a strong tone for what it’s like growing up as, firstly a homosexual individual, but secondly, and all be it the most important, felling as though you have to hide that sexuality from your peers, friends and also your family.

Whilst Love Simon can not speak to me on some levels, it helped me greatly in trying to understand the struggles of growing up in the currently world as a non-straight person, and it did so a really pleasant way. Of course, as you may expect from a film that tackles these topics, Love Simon has some real heart wrenching moments that brought even a guy like me to the odd tear here and there. Beautiful acted with an excellent cast (of whom I only recognised one), this film screams emotion, but not just on the upsetting and injustice end of the scale.

With all that is at playing during this film, it still makes you laugh at the downright ridiculousness that a particular character finds himself in, or to giggle (or cringe) at the awkwardness of others.

Light hearted, heart warming, Love Simon is a beautiful story of coming to terms with oneself and how powerful/necessary the people that we surround ourselves with can be in helping us understand who we really are.

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