Horror, Thriller

A Quiet Place

“If they hear you, they hunt you”

bitmoji-20180318082531I haven’t enjoyed having my heart nearly beat out of my chest so much before. I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time, I’m pretty sure I annoyed T with how in and out of tense I was being.

A Quiet Place is based around a family who are trying to survive the outbreak of strange alien creatures that began killing off the world. These creatures react and hunt via sound. They’ve got the creepiest and largest eardrum on any animal and they remind me a little of the clicker zombies from The Last of Us.

Although this film has a somewhat heart-warming story underneath it (the way the family loves one another and the lengths they go to), it’s savage from the word go. Within 10-15 minutes of the film starting, someone dies and it is heart wrenchingly tragic. HE TRIES SO HARD. Never has a man run so fast.

The family live in a farm style complex where they have sand tracks everywhere to help reduce the sound of them walking/running. They have a light system that runs across the plot that allows them to warn one another about the creatures. Every night a fire is set on top of the grain tower to allow them to ‘communicate’ with other people throughout the area. But what I really love the most, their daughter is deaf so they all communicate via sign language – both practical and leads for a really interesting film mechanic. Subsequently, they appear to have it all figured out.

UNTIL, *SPOILERS* Emily Blunt’s character (Evelyn) is pregnant! Who on earth gets pregnant in times like this!? A CRYING BABY in a world where you’re hunted for making noise? Really you’re just asking for it. Give them credit where credit is due though, the family is working on a soundproofed room and have found a way to help keep the baby subdued. So obviously, terrible things are going to go down, you don’t bring in a plot twist like that is something bad isn’t going to go down. Never before, have I had such respect for a women in labour. How on earth she manages to cope as well as she does in the situation she ends up in, I have no idea (yes, I know it’s fiction but still!).

The moments when the creatures are SO close is terrifying. You’re just waiting for them to pick up the sound of them breathing. They move incredible quickly so one wrong move and you are going to be ripped in half quicker than you can scream. This is all you really know about the creatures though. That is the one thing I wish this film explained a bit more – where did they come from?

TLDR; This film is exhilarating and there are so many parts that leave you asking for more. I haven’t enjoyed being on edge this much since War of the World 13 years ago. If you only see 1 thriller this year, this is most definitely it.

Photo from Sophie SprowellIf you’re into horror it appears that 2018’s got you covered. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such promise of pant-wetting scares but with Ghost Stories already under its belt and some other highly anticipated creep-fests due later in the year, could 2018 been the year horror fans have been waiting for?

Well, following Ghost Stories (which I loved), it was up to A Quiet Place to take up the baton. So how did it fair? I hear you ask. The answer: bloody brilliantly!

A Quiet Place is an incredible mixture of bone-chilling, edge-of-seat anxiety and violently quick and gory jump scares which complement each other magnificently well. The whole premise of the characters; having to remain as quiet as possible otherwise the monsters will find you, is a fairly common trait in horror films (obviously its better to avoid danger than confront it) however, in A Quiet Place, this is times 1000% as any noise brings with it the risk of alerting ridiculously fast, vicious killing machines from miles away.

Honestly these things are terrifyingly fast, and as is instantly evident, are responsible for the near extinction of every other living thing on Earth. There’s not much in the explanation of what these creatures are or, maybe more importantly, where they came from, all we (and likewise the characters) know is that they are blind and deadly.

This leads to an interesting concept where, in order to survive, humanity (or what’s left of it) has adapted to living in almost complete silence. They place sand on their paths to limit the noise of their footsteps and communicate almost entirely by sign language. The entire film is so deep in emotion and intensity with fantastic contrast between the near constant silence of ‘daily life’ only to be broken by loud, dramatic orchestral uproar which will have you gripping at your seat or your nearest cinema-going neighbour in the next seat over.

Without wanting to spoil anymore, I’d definitely suggest heading off out to see A Quiet Place, if possible, add to the experience by going in a quieter time where there won’t be so many people in the cinema, really get immersed.

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