Ready Player One

It’s 2045, the world is on the edge of collapse and a VR video game called OASIS, is the people’s only salvation. When creator, James Halliday, dies, he leaves his fortune and the company to the first person who finds and completes his Easter egg challenge. Wade Watts and his friends are hurtled into excitement, fame and danger when Watts unexpectedly figures out the first clue.

bitmoji-20180318082531There had been nothing but positivity and raving about this film in the run up to us seeing it. I mean that’s not a surprise with Steven Spielberg on board – you already know it’s going to be visually stunning. But honestly, this film completely annihilated ALL of my expectations – LITERALLY blew it out of the water.

Now, if you have any interest in gaming, pop culture, films or just about anything sci-fi related then you need to see this film. It’s different, exhilarating and wonderful. It is filled with everything you could ever love in a film; it’s got love, action, adventure, fantasy, comedy and the f***ing Iron Giant!

So the story begins in a kind of dystopian future where Wade Watts lives a stacked trailer come cargo container park. In the back of an old mini-van, he’s built a simulation area. This is where he joins his virtual friends, H, Sho and Daito, as they play their way through each and every world and attempt to try and find Halliday’s Easter eggs.

Watts, being the ultimate fanboy, knows that the racing event has something to do with the first key, but he can’t quite put his finger on it. Searching through the vault of information that Halliday left behind, he realises something. Entering the race one last time, he tries a new tactic which catches the eye of all-round superstar, Artemis.

From here, the ‘high five’ try to tackle the remaining challenges in the game, whilst also dealing with the outrage of an ego-maniacal CEO in the real world. Now, what grown man (regardless of your job role), attempts to blow up a CHILDS whole apartment building? hmm? A man with very serious issues. Sorrento, owner of IOI, is a man so devoid of manhood that in order to feel like he’s accomplished something in his life, he employs (very loose term) thousands of people to act as pawns in an attempt to solve the Easter eggs.

With every evil mastermind, there’s an equally inspiring hero(ine) – after all, we all need balance. Watt’s character Perzival and superstar Artemis are stunning together, they way they work and the way they grow as people is so enjoyable to watch. The character that gets the award for the most development, has to be H. *SPOILERS* When s*** goes down in the real world, and Watts needs saving, H & co lead the charge to rescue him. Watts is left confused when he bumps into a woman. H the male orc, is actually an african-american black woman who uses her white male orc avatar as a means to be respected. Now if that doesn’t speak volumes, I don’t know what will!

This film is filled to the brim with incredible defining moments, moments of strength and turmoil, moments that instill creativity, joy and a sense of adventure. Plus it’s absolutely stunning to watch, it is a visually flawless film. What I’m trying to say, in a really round about way, is that they couldn’t have done this film better. The story is gripping and enticing, and the production is immaculate.

TLDR; If you have any interest in gaming, pop culture, films or just about anything sci-fi related then you need to see this film.

Photo from Sophie SprowellWhere to begin with Ready Player One?

I’m sure by now I’ve made my gaming background abundantly clear, so maybe it will come as no surprise that I absolute, positively, adored Ready Player One. From start to finish, beginning to end, I struggled to find one single second that I did not enjoy.

The plot, adapted from the novel (same title) by Ernest Cline, is a dystopian future with a nice and somewhat relatable twist to in: by 2044, reality is pretty crappy and people lives suck, so pretty everyone ‘escapes’ their harsh reality and dons a Virtual Reality headset ( and accessories) to join an entire universe of almost limitless possibilities.

Despite being very video game-heavy, Ready Player One was not just for all us gamers. It is emotional at times, powerful at others but of course downright fun, but more on that later. The ‘Oasis’ is the one place in the world where people can be anyone they want (mostly pop culture characters it seems) and talk with anyone they want, showing the potential to bring people of different races, religions, and cultures together with no barriers.

Ready Player One inspires a strong sense of nostalgia with a plethora of appearances from your favourite tv shows, movies, or games with some fantastic call backs and that one fantastic Stephen King sequence. In a couple of the ‘busy’ scenes we had a great time playing ‘where’s Wally’ (Waldo to our American friends): seeing which famous characters we could spot. I’ve already said it but I’m going to say it again: Ready Player One is a damn fun film, one you can really get lost in.

Please, if pop culture is your thing, SEE THIS FILM.

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