Horror, Mystery

Ghost Stories

Professor Phillip Goodman is a psychologist who endeavours to prove that there aren’t actually any ghost stories, that there is a scientific reason behind all of it. His skepticism and rationality is put to the test when he is takes on three unsolved ghost stories.

I do love a good horror film, unfortunately, the words good and horror film rarely go together with most of them being complete rubbish. Ghost Stories, I’m happy to say does not follow the trend of trash scary films. An intriguing mixture of highly strung, suspenseful moments, uneasiness and of course jump scares: Ghost Stories is the best horror film I’ve seen in a while. The Subjects covered in the film are, as you may suspect, morbid and honestly quite horrific’, there were quite a few moments that shocked me, and at the same time there were some downright hilarious moments that caused the whole room to erupt in laughter. What more would you expect from a British film?

A clever, dark film with some excellently executed scares that will leave you sleeping with the lights on.

bitmoji-20180318082531As someone who has never really been a fan of horror films, I was skeptical to watch this. BUT I am a sucker for a decent story line and needless to say Ghost Stories had me hooked.

Typically, I have to mentally prepare myself before a horror film (I am very well aware when things are about to happen). Especially when the first story begins in an abandoned psychiatry ward… Lights go off, somethings gonna happen. Child laughing, somethings going to happen. You’re alone? You’re most definitely either going to die, or run into something terrifying. The next story, you’re son is possessed by the devil (speculation)? Your car breaks down in the middle of a woods after you hit something? Then something is most definitely about to happen. Finally, you unborn child’s toys and cot starting moving all by their self? Then realistically you should just move.

Yes, I am one of those people that wants to shout at the screen telling people that it’s their own fault for making poor life choices in these situations, but then if everyone were sensible there wouldn’t be a film would there?

Whilst I found myself really freaked out, I found that my own mind made it worse than the actual horror was. I have a habit of overthinking and it was this that made things scarier. Once the ‘thing’ in each story was revealed I found that I was somewhat underwhelmed?

The storyline is really interesting, it’s definitely one of those plots that keep you interested and then blow your mind at the end. However, I found that I came out of it confused and as if I had missed something. It will definitely have to be one that I rewatch at a later date to see what I missed along the way.

TLDR; As far as British horror films go, it is extremely well done and a freakishly good story. But be prepared to be confused and creeped out!

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