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Tomb Raider

Being the daughter of a secret eccentric adventurer has it’s downsides, especially when your father disappears. Lara Croft is a fierce and independent young woman who, after finding a secret office of her fathers, sets off on a dangerous and unlikely journey to an ancient island in order to find him. Having to rely on skills she didn’t know that she had, her stubbornness and sheer desire to succeed pull her through.

bitmoji-20180318082531With Black Panther out of the way and Infinity War at least a month away, this was my most anticipated film for March. With how well Wonder Woman did, I was excited to add another badass woman led film to my ‘Must-Watch’ list. Needless to say, this reboot of an already incredible franchise did not disappoint.

Many were quick to jump and say ‘it’s not Angelina Jolie, I don’t know if I want to see it,’ and if that is your opinion, you are horribly horribly wrong and are depriving yourself. I cannot rave about this film enough, honestly, writing this review is making me wish I could see it again.

Although Lara is this rich socialite who inherits her families wealth, the beginning of this film gives you the opportunity to connect with her. She is more down-to-earth than previous iterations and her living, working and sparring in the lesser parts of London gives you the chance to see that her life hasn’t always been delivered on a silver platter.

Following being caught by the police, and with no one else to call, she is left asking her dad’s business partner to bail her out. Reminded that she needs to sign the documents to sign off that her father is most likely dead and not coming back, she obviously contests but with the danger of the estate and all her fathers belongings being sold off, she reluctantly accepts the meeting.

During the will reading she is provided with a puzzle. This is where the journey really begins. What I like most about this film is the rougher edgier side of it, she has to fight to get everything that she wants. Her bag gets stolen in Hong Kong; she has to convince the ship owner to take her; they have to brave the stormy rocky seas; an island controlled by a psychopath; and finally a typically treacherous tomb.

Her pure drive and motivation throughout the film is something to behold, from the initial bike race all the way through to getting herself out of a broken temple (not a spoiler, if you don’t expect a temple or ruin in Tomb Raider, you’re doing it wrong). I can out feeling quite empowered and inspired by Alicia Vikander and the Croft character.

For me, they couldn’t have picked a better person to be the ‘relaunch’ version of Lara. Alicia Vikander is phenomenal (and looks almost identical to the video game relaunch) and after seeing her in ‘Man from Uncle,’ there was no doubt that she was going to do an amazing job.

TLDR; Don’t compare this to the original Lara Croft films, take it as what it is, a relaunch. You won’t regret seeing it.

Photo from Sophie SprowellA much loved franchise Tomb Raider was one of my first experiences of video gaming, and its one I hold quite closely to my heart. What was once a gruelling test of patience with a god awful control system and the occasional trapping of the Butler in walk-in fridges, has evolved and developed to a dramatic and hard-hitting visual spectacle on the big ‘ol’ Silver screen. Of course this isn’t Lara’s first trip to the Cinema: back in 2001 (Yes really that long ago!) she had her debut played by Angelina Jodie, and although critics weren’t too impressed by it, fan’s of the game series seemed to enjoy it so much that it got a sequel.

Jump ahead to the year of 2013 and beloved Tomb Raider undergoes a reboot, but this time, from the beginning.

I suppose more of a rebirth than a reboot, but we’re talking a complete refresh of Lara Croft’s origin story, how she became the ‘Tomb Raider’. Grittier, more realistic and much more violent the new ‘Raider’ was met by huge success. A breath of fresh air in the lungs of all us fans. Now to the new film that why we’re all here right? My preamble about video games was not completely unrelated I promise; for Tomb Raider (2018) is the cinematic realisation of Lara’s rebooted origin story, and it delivered everything the game did. Although a tad slow to start, Tomb Raider (2018) proved to be a dramatic edge-of-seat thriller, packed full of stunning visuals, powerful music, and moving moments. Ignoring the ancient booby traps and falling floor puzzles, Tomb Raider (2018) feels so real; from modern day slavery to gun violence and the odd metal Spike to the stomach, this film is gritty and doesn’t shy away from the harshness of real life.

That’s what makes it such an entertaining experience, one you should definitely make the time to see.

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