Game Night

Max and Annie’s game night is turned upside down when Max’s brother Brooks decides to host his own. What starts out as a seemingly innocent murder mystery night, very quickly becomes a race to save Brooks’ life. The group find themselves in over their heads as every turn leads to another unexpected twist in events.

Photo from Sophie SprowellFebruary 2018 saw the release of Game Night and we were excited for this one. A blend of comedy and mystery, co-starring Jason Bateman and the ever-lovely Rachel McAdams, we found ourselves desperately awaiting our next cinema trip.

Why shouldn’t we? We’d seen all the trailers, and they were hilarious… but that’s where the issue with Game Night lies. It falls into the age old trap of putting all the best parts in the trailers. Now please don’t get me wrong, I loved the film. I found it to be an enjoyable, lighthearted experience with some dark, gritty undertones and some stupidly funny moments; there was never a moment where I felt switched off.

There is, however, a much greater time to be had by going into this film completely unspoiled: if you want to see Game Night, do yourself a favour and try to avoid as many trailers as you can to get the complete experience.

bitmoji-20180318082531Needless to say I was very excited for this film. My group of friends and I quite regularly have board game evenings / days and I’m a big believer of interactive experiences and gamification, so the thought of there being a mainstream movie about it got me interested. (Plus who doesn’t love a bit of Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams?)

Having watched every trailer that came out in order to keep the hype going, I had very high hopes for the film. It was near enough all I spoke about in the run up to the release date and I was devastated when it snowed as it stopped us from being able to see it straight away.

Back to the film… The film really didn’t disappoint. It was hilarious and the storyline flowed very well, which meant that there wasn’t a moment I was bored or waiting for the end. My favourite character has to be Annie (McAdams), the comments made and the ridiculous activities she ends up doing, ie; karaoke with a loaded gun; removing a bullet with chardonnay; playing charades in a life-crisis and jumping with joy when someone dies, were hilarious. Admittedly, nothing compares to the creepy next door neighbour but every group has to have at least one misfit!

I think I found it such a relaxing and funny film because I felt that a lot of the reactions were, for once, quite realistic as to how you’d react in real life. If you thought that an actual kidnapping was a part of a murder mystery night, why would you take everything seriously? My only downside would be, is that a lot of the funny parts were in the trailers so if you go see it, I would recommend ignoring the trailers where possible!

TLDR; I definitely recommend this film if you’re in need of a good laugh (just don’t watch the trailers). It’s lighthearted and the plot twists aren’t as obvious as you’d expect!

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