Biographical, Comedy, Drama

I, Tonya

The 90’s saw the rise and fall for talented figure skater, Tonya Harding. She was the first American woman to complete a triple axel during a competition – only three people have managed to do this in the Olympics (ever). Faced with the accusation of injuring fellow Olympian, Nancy Kerrigan, Tonya’s legacy is instantaneously tarnished forever.

bitmoji-20180318082531Unfortunately, we were too young at the time to know much about the scandal that took place in the 90’s – I knew that there was a scandal but past what the trailers told me, I didn’t really know what took place. This meant that for me, the film was a whirlwind of intrigue, emotion and disaster.

I am a big fan of Margot Robbie after seeing her play Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad and needless to say her performance in this film is nothing short of incredible. Her connection with Alison Janney and Sebastian Stan is what really sold the whole story and enhanced the idea that it’s based off of a true story – it’s so easy to distance yourself with film adaptations, but this left me quite shocked.

The fact that the Ice Skating Committee could and would undermine her abilities purely for her appearance and temperament, left me quite pissed off. I’m all for discouraging rude behaviour and encouraging proper sportsmanship, but to begin with she had done nothing wrong. You can certainly understand the chip on her shoulder.


I genuinely don’t know whether to make heads or tails with the whole knee bashing. From the film it’s incredibly obvious that Tonya didn’t have any involvement in the disaster and for her husband, it was just bad luck and poor life choices. Their relationship is volcanic but it most definitely erupted when he agreed to pay his friend to take ‘action’. The film has obviously hinted towards her innocence to help improve Harding’s image (which is completely fair enough, she worked damn hard), it is very much one of those situations that leaves you just as clueless as when you started. As a marketeer, I can’t won’t pretend to know about the ins and outs of sports and their competitiveness.

On the other hand, IF this is actually what happened, and she didn’t have any involvement, I am enraged over how badly she was sentenced in comparison to her husband. For her to be banned from ice-skating all together was horrendous and I can’t believe that this was even a thing that could happen – to be banned from a sport forever?! Fair play to her for not stopping and picking up another sport and continuing on.

I thought that this was a spectacular film and it emphasised the idea that just because someone is famous or excelling in sports or the arts  doesn’t mean that their life is perfect.

TLDR; It’s an incredible film and the acting is phenomenal. It will excite you and really make you feel for Harding. It is definitely worth a watch.

Photo from Sophie SprowellI’ll admit my ignorance right away, the story of Tonya Harding was not one that I even knew existed, and being perfectly honest, I couldn’t see I, Tonya being a film that really interested me.

After her performance as Harley Quinn in Suicide squad; Margot Robbie starring as Tonya was the main reason I decided to see the film and I’m more than glad that I did. The cast did a fantastic job of bringing the story of Tonya Harding to popular light with hard-hitting, powerful performances. It you’re like I was: unaware of Tonya Harding’s life, I can sum it up in two words: injustice and tragedy I, Tonya does such a important job of dragging these themes back into the spotlight and reminding us that, even now, prejudice is still very much alive in our modern society.

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